Smart Verticals & Projects

Smart Fintech companies create financial crypto blockchain-based smart contracts that serve as real-world financial assets. Essentially, they are digital representations of financial instruments such as equity, debt, derivatives, and other structured financial instruments as well as hard assets such as real estate, gold, general commodities, and energy products.

Sciath’s Fintech PaaS enables the rapid creation, digitization and tokenization of new digital financial securities. The PaaS creates a robust value chain from financial product issuers to the secondary trading venues and end owners of financial digital assets. In addition to merely creating financial instruments, the PaaS seeks to make these assets “smart” by combining big data, artificial intelligence, and asset fractionalization to ensure the greatest distribution, transactability, and asset fungibility.  

Sciath Smart Industry STO Fund I has current investments in the Quantamental Hedge, Fixed Income Mortgage-Backed Securities, & Entertainment Production asset management classes. For detailed investment information on these & other Smart Fintech projects, please contact us at: smartfi[email protected]

Smart Supply Chain vertical industries typically include a value chain of suppliers, processors, manufacturers, distributors, and other support entities in order to ensure that products and services get to market. Sciath’s Smart Supply Chain PaaS enables a category of digital assets that include payment mediums, stores of value, supply chain contracts, indexes and other digital means of supporting and enabling specific industry verticals.

Additionally, our Smart Supply Chain PaaS is pioneering capabilities where vertical industries and their associated supply chains can be converted to blockchain-based, AI-enhanced transactions. Functionally, the Smart Supply Chain PaaS not only transforms the basis by which existing supply chains operate from a data transaction standpoint, but also the associated mechanisms and mediums for payment and settlement across the supply chain. Our progress should allow us to more closely integrate supply chain actors as well as unlock new opportunities for enhanced security and efficiency.

Sciath Smart Industry STO Fund I has a current investment in a “Green Lane” Project which expedites trusted traders into a secure freight lane that provides accelerated processing across borders to authorized economic operators. For detailed investment information on this & other Smart Supply Chain projects, please contact us at: [email protected]

Smart SecureTech Sciath believes historic protective barriers have become vulnerable as a result of globalization and the push for economic productivity. More and new protection is needed from evolving threats. As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more pervasive, the virtual world is converging with the physical world. Smart SecureTech companies leverage AI/ML, Blockchain, Quantum Computing and Autonomous Systems technologies to help provide protection in this converged world at the digital, physical, personal, enterprise and national levels. Sciath’s Smart SecureTech PaaS has been specifically designed to address the security challenges of six infrastructure security segment macro use cases:

  1. IoT & Embedded Device Security
  2. Protective Controls & Secured Industrial Control Systems
  3. Geospatial Decision Making
  4. Secured Additive Manufacturing & Supply Chain
  5. Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles & Solutions
  6. Automated (AI+ML) Cyber Security & Quantum Cryptography  

Sciath Smart Industry STO Fund I has a current investment in an Early Warning “Security as a Service” Project which fuses multiple data input sources to provide predictive activity based intelligent analytics to a Government customer . For detailed investment information on this & other SecureTech projects, please contact us at: [email protected]

Smart Commodity/Energy represents global markets for oil, gas, coal, additional power sources, and resources in raw or primary product form. The ability for commodity and energy products to be captured as crypto assets serve as tremendous opportunities to facilitate investment and trade worldwide. Whether it be pricing and settlement or structured financial instruments, there is tremendous value to be unlocked.

Similar to Sciath’s Fintech PaaS, our Smart Commodity/Energy PaaS enables the rapid creation of new commodity and energy crypto assets by leveraging the PaaS’s blockchain and artificial intelligence capabilities. The digitization and operationalization of new instruments in these markets have the potential to be widely adopted as well as provide for new means of digital settlement and higherlevel pricing and indexing. 

Sciath Smart Industry STO Fund I currently has one Precious Metals project schedule to be deployed in Q1 2019. For detailed investment information on this & other Smart Commodity/Energy projects, please contact us at: [email protected]